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The VUE X is a trail focused riding goggle. Adventure performance is maximized with the use of a dual-paned injected PVC lens to reduce the possibility of fogging on cold, wet rides. The cold weather performance of the VUE X is additionally improved via the use of closed-cell foam in the vent ports to keep adverse weather conditions on the outside of the goggle, where they belong. The VUE X goggle was made for blazing trails where few dare to ride. Dual Pane Injected PC lens with an Anti-Fog coating provides optical clarity and protects against roost impact while working to reduce fog in adverse conditions

The VUE goggle presents an innovative solution to removing the lens. This new technology uses a turn-to-release system to remove the outrigger so you can easily swap lenses. It lets you quickly adapt to changing light conditions and makes cleaning a breeze. For the best fit possible, the frame has a dual-compound construction: a soft TPU faceplate which comfortably molds to your face, and a durable ABS/nylon outer frame. Finally, to eliminate any distractions, a 45mm strap with a silicone backing locks the goggles in place, ample venting prevents overheating, and a 3-layer foam keeps sweat out of your eyes.


Wide view port provides exceptional peripheral vision
Closed cell vent foam blocks sand and debris from entering eye-port
Dual Pane Injected PC lens provides optical clarity and protects against roost impact while working to reduce fog in adverse conditions
TruLock™ system makes lens replacement quick and easy
Soft TPU faceplate forms to rider’s face for improved comfort
ABS/Nylon outer frame to resist roost and increase durability
360 venting optimizes airflow keeping the rider cool and reduces fogging
45mm strap with backing silicone stripe provides superior helmet grip
3 layer molded foam wicks sweat and provides a comfortable fit
Offers 100% UVA & UVB protection
Pre-curved design offers superior optical clarity
Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 and EN1938:2010 standards for impact resistance
Anti-fog treated